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Dude! Where are my files?

With the release of the "Patch Tuesday's" October 2 Windows Update, there came a big snag that had I.T. departments scrambling and Microsoft pulling the update just three days later. Users began reporting various bugs and noted that files were missing after they ran the update. Other users reported the update (KB3194496) constantly trying and failing repeatedly to install. Ed Bott for the Ed Bott Report sited Microsoft released a fix-it script on October 5, 2018.

For more detailed information on the problems occurring with the Cumulative Update KB3194496, read here. So, what actually went wrong and how will this impact the confidence Windows 10 users will have in future updates. Only, time will tell regarding that, but the issue appears to be "a direct response to an issue with the April 2018 Update where some users

reported seeing empty duplicates of their Known Folders -- Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Screenshots and Camera Roll. The company added code to the Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update to counteract this problem.

The code backfired, however, for users who work with Known Folder redirection, which redirects files from the default location of Known Folders to another folder. If files existed in both the default folder and the relocation one, the update deleted the default and all the files within it -- even those that weren't redirected. This problem occurred if the user redirected files to a different drive than where the Known Folders live or to Microsoft OneDrive", writes Eddie Lockhart.

As Windows 10 Pro becomes the main-stay for business desktop operating systems, it is in Microsoft's best interest to watch how it rolls out these patches. A lot of users still run Windows 7 because of performance issue Windows 10 Pro still has. We can only hope Microsoft learns from this debacle and puts safe-guards in place for future updates or else Tuesdays will become Mondays! Watch this space for further developments and updates.

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