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Improving User Experience With Managed Services

We're MWL Technology

Our Journey

In 2016, MWL Technology was founded and organized to provide a sizeable group of clients with continued support for their Sage accounting products and network support by bridging a service gap created unexpectedly for them.    We are based in South Florida near many of the clients we serve.  Our goal is to further understand your business and offer solutions that empower you to focus more on strategies for growth and long term business objectives.

Operational Excellence

MWL Technology, LLC formed a partnership that brought together Derrick Martin, formally of NextLevel Information Solutions of Doral, along with Jeff Weidenfeller of NextLevel Information Solutions of Central Florida and Mark Lehr of NextLevel Information Solutions of New York--to lead an organizational team having over 26 years experience in serving small to medium sized customers across a wide array of industries by offering ERP, CRM and HRMS solutions  from Sage product lines.  We have since evolved into a Managed Service Provider that offers BCDR, Cybersecurity and other IT services.


MWL in the News

Our goal is to offer our clients the agility to run line-of-business applications securely from any location, over any network, at anytime and on almost any device using the cloud.

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