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The threat from attackers, especially those who spread ransomware, have focused their efforts even more on small businesses and their backup solutions in order to make recovery impossible.  MWL has compiled a multiple security layer approach to protect our clients environment and their invaluable data.​

Are You Ready?

  • A complete network assessment is performed, documented and reports generated that identify holes in the environment and remediation  required.

    Network Assessment

  • Remote Monitoring and Management services, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their workstations and servers by proactively resolving many issues in the background before they become a problem.

    RMM Visability

  • Utilizing Next-GEN products, we can rapidly deploy and protect every device attached to your network and automatically install protection on devices without protection.

    Cloud-based vs. Definition Databases

  • Threats not only come from the outside but also from within due to malware, phishing attack via email.  MWL can implement training and report on the results quarterly.

    First line of Defense

  • For small to mid-sized offices, we have selected partners that deliver high-performance, next generation routers and/or firewalls with the capacity for threat-protection, content filtering, SSL inspection and Ransomware scans for all network traffic. The goal is to block Ransomware before it can get a hold on your devices and network shared folders

    Secure access to corporate network

Benefits of MWL Cybersecurity Services

Elevate your cybersecurity 

landscape one block at a time

It is crucial that we provide a comprehensive understanding of an organization's IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, optimizing performance, and ensuring a secure and efficient network that aligns with business goals.

Network Assessment

A suite of endpoint protection, on-premise or cloud based, identifies malware, ransomware, spyware, botnets and other infections in real-time using AI.

Threat Protection Suite

With Duo, we are protecting web apps and on premise applications with 2FA, MFA and single sign-on technology for RDP, Office 365 and more.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our hardware components allow site-to-site VPN access to critical business applications in a secure, fast manner using open source apps.

Virtual Private Network

What's Included

With MWL, we realize each environment is different but security needs and requirements are the same whether you're a small, medium or large enterprise.

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