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Remote Monitoring & Management

Implementing remote monitoring and management for organizational IT devices provides a proactive, efficient, and cost-effective approach to IT management. It not only improves the reliability and security of IT environments but also contributes to increased employee productivity by minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless working experience.

Are You Ready?

  • Datto RMM is an intuitive tool built to help you simplify complex work. Service technicians can initiate their choice of remote support options with a single click.

    Help When You Need It

  • Powerful RMM scripts and automated policies like native Ransomware Detection are the power behind Datto RMM. Admins control when, where, and how automated tasks are performed, taking productivity to the next level.

    Additional Resources at the ready

  • The patch management module in Datto RMM allows you to both control and automate the deployment of patches to your Windows devices so all your devices can stay up to date and secure. Our blog provides a comprehensive understanding of the patch management process so you can excel at it and keep your network secure. 

    Patch Management

  • Connecting your Microsoft 365 tenant to your preferred remote monitoring and management tool doesn't need to be a chore. Datto RMM's Microsoft 365 Management feature allows you to integrate both platforms effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you'll get a comprehensive overview of your tenants, users and associated devices.

    Merging the digital landscape

  • As a true SaaS, the platform’s enhanced security posture, with mandatory two-factor authentication, routine penetration testing and infrastructure hardening, and active monitoring for unauthorized access attempts, helps maintain its proven track record of 99.99% uptime.

    Value-add solution

Boost Productivity with the aide of our Remote Monitoring & Management service

With proactive monitoring and maintenance, Datto RMM includes pre-built monitoring policies and scripts, third-party access rights, wide-ranging integrations into other key platforms such as PSA tools, antivirus, warranties, and documentation management.

Proactive Resolutions

Datto RMM monitors for crypto-ransomware on endpoints using behavioral analysis of files, and receives automatic alerts when a device is infected so the end user doesn’t have to report it.  Automated responses attempt to kill the ransomware process while Datto RMM isolates the device automatically to prevent spread of ransomware.

Ransomware Detection

Get a comprehensive overview of your tenants, users and associated devices whether you are using Windows, Linux, MacOS, VMWare, and SNMP devices , generating a visual layout of the network to show how devices are connected to each other, and quickly identifying where issues are.

Supported Platforms

Datto RMM monitors all of your devices in real-time—servers, VMs, ESXi, PCs, laptops, network devices—instantly informing you of current issues and flagging potential problems. Powerful autoresponses to alerts resolve problems automatically or simplify troubleshooting by providing technicians with useful diagnostic information.

Real-time Monitoring

At MWL, we realize whether we are managing a single endpoint or hundreds of thousands, Datto RMM helps our team to keep their supported estate secure, patched, stable, and functioning.

What's Included

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