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Network Assessment

Remaining at the forefront in the swiftly changing IT environment is of utmost importance. We have partnered with Kaseya to enhance your network management capabilities, with an  advanced, web-based platform for thorough network analysis and risk assessment.  We can provide automated, real-time data collection and analysis across diverse network environments whether on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid.

Are You Ready?

  • Guarantee the reliability of your systems through the use of automated data collectors.We  employ non-intrusive data collectors, lightweight discovery agents, and robust scanners to swiftly identify risks.

    Improve Issue Discovery

  • Effectively minimize risk by utilizing detailed management plans and remediation guidance that assesses network threats and issues according to their severity. Tailor the reporting of IT issues and determine their significance in an assessment to align with your specific preferences.

    Troubleshooting with speed

  • Acquire valuable insights through a myriad of comprehensive reports, ranging from technical documentation and troubleshooting details to high-level summaries suitable for executives for high-level overviews and technical teams with granularity.

    Plain technical reporting

  • With cybercrime becoming increasingly sophisticated, what you don't know can hurt your organization.  All discovered issues and risks are scored based on its severity and impact to the environment.

    What should you look for

  • * Just 54% of businesses have acted in the past 12 months to identify cybersecurity risks.

    * 83% of organizations have suffered more than one data breach.

    * The average time to identify and contain a data breach is 277 days.

    Its a matter of "when" not "if"

Enhance network visibility and gather data from across the IT environment.

At MWL, our goal is to be aware of the ongoing changes that pose vulnerabilities to the network environments we  oversee in order to lower the probability of a data breach. To see beyond the surface of your IT settings, you need technologies that provide you with X-ray IT vision.

Simplify the Discovery

With the help of a thorough network assessment, you can fully understand the network of your company and develop a proactive security plan to guard against both end-user vulnerabilities and external cyberthreats. Network examinations reveal security flaws on devices connected remotely, in the cloud, and in your local network. You can monitor everything and improve network defenses and health with a routine automatic inspection.

A Watchful Eye

An average of 50 new known vulnerabilities emerge each week while the top dozen vulnerabilities continue to reoccur regularly on unmanaged networks. Conducting regular vulnerability scans reduces blind spots by detecting security vulnerabilities in networks, systems and applications that could potentially be exploited by cyber-criminals.


Without hiring more employees or going over budget, MWL has the resources needed to quantify risk and satisfy any industry, regulatory, or internal IT security standards. In addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of your security measures, an IT security assurance program significantly lowers the possibility that a cyberattack on the networks we oversee would be successful.

Document Compliance

What's Included

If you've been fortunate enough to avoid a security breach so far, count yourself lucky. However, that streak of luck is likely to run out soon, particularly if you neglect timely detection and mitigation of security risks.

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