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Our Cybersecurity System  Identifies Vulnerabilities & Protects You from Attacks

Product Overview

This advanced cybersecurity system employs machine learning and cloud-based protection using multi-vector defense, guarding against malicious files, scripts, exploits, and URLs.  Additionally, it features precision monitoring and roll-back capabilities, enabling the automatic restoration of infected files to their original state.

How It Works

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, is a broad term encompassing cybersecurity services designed for network endpoints such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. 

Monitoring Across All Endpoints.

Step 1

MDR, or Managed Detection and Response, enhances cybersecurity tools by integrating 24x7 human intelligence for a thorough threat detection and response experience. 

Detecting & Assessing Threats.

Step 2

Operating in near real-time, MDR systematically processes security information to actively seek, investigate, and address incidents.  It is also becoming a mandatory requirement to obtain cyber insurance.

Taking Action to Protect You.

Step 3

Monitor systems, assess threat levels and take action!

Let MWL Do The Work

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