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Backup: Will yours stave off hardware failure?

It's June and hurricane season is upon us once again. Yet, the question revolving around how an organization comes to value and protect its data from disaster must be viewed from a broader perspective that what normal file backup jobs offer. Management wants to know not only is the data safe, but when a disaster strikes, how quickly can they be back to business as usual?

You would be surprised to know that the number one cause of system downtime is human error, which is around 58% of the time. I mentioned earlier that it is hurricane season and "hurricanes, tornadoes all provide their share of natural disasters, but research shows they account for just 10 percent of downtime. Hardware failure is attributed to the number one cause of lost data.

Organizations must now think in terms of business continuity and that can't be achieved using traditional backup procedures. New concepts like Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) will replace simple data backup schools of thought. Once you calculate your RTO, or the amount of time your business can be without its data before its in trouble, that will help you understand the cost associated with it. Then, you should calculate your RTO, or how much data your are willing to lose "without damaging your business." For more information select the button below.

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