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Hurricane Season Is Near: What To Do Now

Checklist: Hurricane Disaster Recovery for Businesses

Hurricane season is fast approaching and the number of storms has been consistently increasing. It’s estimated that the "2020 hurricane season caused nearly $36 billion in damage. With this in mind, it’s important that businesses are prepared for the potential impact should hurricanes–or other natural disasters–come their way". Here are some steps to take to ensure you are ready to help your clients weather the storm.

Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • Check recent backups on all production machines.

  • Ensure recent backups were sent successfully to the cloud (or other Disaster Recovery site) for each production machine.

  • Verify backups of all production machines to validate your ability to recover.

  • Make sure that any site you or your end users go to has power generation, Internet, and cell phone connectivity.

  • Make sure your employee office contact lists with extensions are current as well as cell phone numbers and addresses for all employees.

For more detail on how to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, take a look at our eBook, Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide.

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