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Managed Power: A key service for protecting critical systems

What happens if a device becomes non-responsive and you're off-site on the phone with your client? You can try to talk someone through locating the device and its power source connections in the computer room but that will take time. The other option would be to dispatch someone to go onsite to reboot it but that isn't a good use of resources either.

The Datto Managed Power device, MP60, delivers innovative capabilities not found in other products. At MWL, we're deploying this new line of fully cloud-managed devices that will give us the ability to remotely or automatically power cycle unresponsive devices and help reduce the need for costly on-site visits. With automation and simplicity, the MP60 will change the way we deliver IT services to your businesses. Your up-time just became more manageable!

Some key features of the MP60 are:

* 4,000 Joules of surge protection

* Lifetime Warranty

* Integrated WiFi

* Power Usage Monitoring

* Power Port Scheduling

* One-Click reboot

Contact us to discuss how we can help protect your critical devices with the Datto MP60 power surge protection.

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