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Office 365 backup: You'd better have one

Do you know what Microsoft offers as it relates to protecting your mailbox content? I suggest you plan ahead to stop mailbox content from performing a disappearing act in the future. I'm not sure why or for that matter how, users began trusting that Microsoft's cloud will automatically protect your data. Reda Chouffani of Biz Technology Solutions writes that "Microsoft protects files against breaches, hardware failures and data center disasters but don't expect the company to cover everything, at least not by default."

Let me be clear here. We are talking about using Exchange on-line services with Office 365. Mr. Chouffani goes on to say "to date, Microsoft has no backup offering for Office 365. Admins can apply an In-Place Hold to retain and recover mailboxes, but Microsoft only includes retention and preservation policies in its enterprise plans."

Most clients I work with the have moved to Office 365 but are not using Exchange online services. They aren't bound by the storage limits and extra fees that may be relevant. Outlook clients are used mostly to access mailboxes from hosted systems other than Microsoft. These mailboxes and the ability to be recovered are at the mercy of the hosting company. It is imperative that you know what the retention policy is for your hosting company and take action to backup individual mailboxes. We recommend using Datto's solution Backupify for cloud to cloud backups for Exchange Online, OneDrive, Sharepoint online and G Suite.

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