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Part 1: Office 365 and G-Suite Protection from viruses and Ransomware

When it comes to recovering lost data or blocking threats in Office 365, many partners and customers simply think “Microsoft has me covered,” but where does Microsoft really have you covered? Where does their native protection end?

We are also aware that Google’s G-Suite “handles invaluable business data responsibly for many companies. The presumption is that they can be trusted with your clients’ data and a breach or outage on their end is highly unlikely.” Where does their native protection end?

Next month, we will reveal how you can create a complete and comprehensive Office 365 solution and G-Suite solution for your business. We’ll discuss how Datto SaaS Protection and Trend Micro can transform your business with backup and security solutions that are easy to deploy.

I will also cover the following:

  • What’s not covered in terms of protection of your Office 356/G-Suite environment

  • Learn how Datto SaaS Protection gives you a quick and painless way to restore and manage lost user data in Office 365/G-Suite

  • Learn how Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security detects advanced threats missed by Office 365 security

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