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Ransomware attacked a Florida City

It was reported that "Rivera Beach is paying $600,000 worth of bitcoin in hopes to regain access to their computer systems after being infected with ransomware through a phishing email. Law enforcement suggests never to pay ransomware perpetrators as to not encourage them. Of course, agreeing to pay does NOT guarantee the hackers will decrypt their files either, reported Chris Brunau for Datto.

Brunau goes on to recommend that the best approach to protect your files and systems from Ransomware is "by employing a multilayered approach:

  • Use a good quality antivirus program, and patch and update operating systems regularly

  • Educate your users about ransomware and how to detect phishing and social engineering schemes

  • Back up files often — and automatically. While the backup does not prevent infiltration, it does give you an out — instead of paying the ransom, you can restore to your pre-attack status

  • While ransomware is on the decline, it is still a risk for business, and one that — with adequate protection - can be easily averted."

Riviera Beach officials voted this week to pay 65 Bitcoins to the hacker who seized the city's computer systems, forcing the local police and fire departments to write down the hundreds of daily 911 calls on paper, CNN affiliate WPEC reported.

Once the payment is made, they hope to get access to data encrypted by the hacker. Even with the plans to pay the ransom, the city said, an investigation is under way.

Riviera Beach has a population of 35,000 and is about 80 miles from Miami.

To learn more about the current landscape of ransomware and how you can avoid falling victim, check out the full report today.

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