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To See or Not To See

Microsoft update stops users worldwide with "email invisibility issues" after text is typed into a new message all while existing messages lose the body text. "I didn't know what was happening," when clients started calling late this afternoon with preview issues in mail and claiming that they can't send mail at all. Many IT administrators began rolling back the most recent Office update that is impacting Office 365 and Desktop users.

Ry Crozier of ITNews reported that he has found that "Outlook on the web appears to be unaffected. The problems range from users not being able to see the text in emails in their mailboxes to if you hit 'new message' and type in the body, not text appears. However, many reported that if you send it the text shows up for the recipient."

Possible workarounds can be to use Outlook on your phones or Outlook on the web but as the day progressed, even these options were not foolproof. Microsoft released a statement that it "identified the root cause and are applying a fix which will reach affected users over the next three to four hours. The notice came out at 9:18am but many of my clients didn't start getting impacted until late afternoon.

It's a waiting game now! Watch this space....

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