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Update: 3 months after Ransomware hits Atlanta

Original assessments of the SamSam Ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta, Georgia and its government agencies several months ago were not all that gloomy. However, recent reports revealed that the cost to clean-up may be as high as $9.5M more! Daphney Rackley, the city's Information Management head, disclosed that of the 424 necessary applications deemed critical for the functioning government services, more than a third were either disabled or completely knocked offline.

As department leaders assessed the damage caused by the Ransomware attack, the City Attorney's office reported that "it lost all but six of its 77 computers and 10 years' worth of documents, while the police lost their dash cam recordings". With an attack like this, the cost of the clean-up may very well increase as the city is still under "response phase" as a more critical eye is kept on the remaining systems and remedies enacted on the infected systems.

Marrian Zhou writes the one city official says that the March attach has continued to cripple many of Atlanta's basic services. Reuters is also reporting that hackers used ransomware to hold the city's computer systems hostage in the March 22 attack and demands money to get them back decrypted. A ransom note stated that all files on the affected systems had been encrypted and demanded $51,000 in bitcoin to decrypt them.

Sources: Reuters, Engadget

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