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What Team(s) am I on?

Starting on October 5th, all Windows 11 users can start using Chat from Microsoft Teams on Windows. When you dig deeper into what this actually means, it presented me with questions. First I thought, if I had Teams on Windows 10 before I upgraded to Windows 11 on my work computer, what happens to it? If I upgraded my home computer to Windows 11, do I have access to Teams via Office 365 at work?

Microsoft provides the following answers:

If you had Teams installed before upgrading your device to Windows 11, you can continue to use Teams for work or school as you had prior to the upgrade. Your settings for your work or school app (AAD) will stay in place. If you were previously using one Teams app for both personal and work or school accounts, on Windows 11 you will now have a dedicated app for each experience.

If you just bought a new device with Windows 11, download the Teams for work or school app (AAD) here. You can then have two separate teams, one for personal and one for work or school. If you accidentally try to login to the wrong version of the app, Teams will inform you.

For additional guidance about using Teams for work or school on Windows 11, please read this support article.

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