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Sage 50

You aren't required to be confined to your desk if you use desktop accounting software. Everybody has a varied workweek, so bring your work with you. Sage 50's cloud-connected features provide you more freedom and flexibility in your work and enable secure data sharing between you and your accountant.​

Sage 50 facilitates the management and analysis of your cash flow, offering a convenient way to observe the sources of revenue and expenses. Utilize projections to foresee future cash flow, and the Cash Flow Manager provides an immediate overview of cash accounts, anticipated incoming cash, and projected outgoing cash.


Sage 50 empowers businesses by automating processes to eliminate manual tasks and reduce data entry errors, enhancing overall operational efficiency. With its robust reconciliation features, users can easily identify the status of their accounts, whether cleared or with unreconciled differences, providing a clear and accurate financial snapshot.


Sage 50 empowers businesses with comprehensive inventory management capabilities, allowing users to stay informed about their stock levels and pending orders. With the ability to track inventory movement, businesses can gain insights into the dynamics of their stock, ensuring timely decision-making. Sage 50 provides a clear view of quantities on hand and facilitates easy adjustments as needed, ensuring accuracy in stock management.


Sage 50 offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights by running unlimited reports on various aspects such as expenses, profits, and more. With customizable pre-templated one-click reports, users can tailor their reporting to meet specific business needs, providing flexibility and depth in analyzing financial data. The convenience extends further as Sage 50 enables users to effortlessly export or email reports directly from the software.


How customers are extending the power of Sage 50!

  • Sage 50 assists you in managing and analyzing your cash flow. Use forecasts to forecast future cash flow and easily see where revenue and expenses are coming from. The Cash Flow Manager provides a real-time snapshot of cash accounts, cash scheduled to come in, and cash projected to leave.

  • Get paid faster with the online "Pay Now" invoice feature for instant payments.

  • Customize views by date range or transaction type like invoices, quotes, and purchases.

Cash Flow

  • With Sage 50's accounts payable and banking capabilities, you can automate purchase orders, invoicing, payments, and account reconciliation. Furthermore, it is fully connected with inventory management, allowing you to avoid manual entering.

  • Easily integrate bank institution feeds into the Account Reconciliation module.

  • Account Reconciliation automatically clears matched transactions.

Payments and Banking

  • Understand what is in stock and what is on order. Based on the transaction date and item type, Sage 50 computes and tracks costs and quantities on a daily basis. Keep track of available quantities and purchase orders.

  • FIFO, Average, and Specific Unit costing methodologies are all supported.

  • With item assembly, you can customize units of measurement and establish inventory.

Advanced Inventory Mgmt.

  • Gain a better understanding of all your jobs and projects, as well as where your money is going. View how long it takes to accomplish your jobs and projects, and estimate how much money you make on each one.

  • Track job costs by purchasing, inventory adjustment, payroll, and other methods.

  • Determine whether a task is over budget and control costs before the job is completed.

fJob Costing

What's New

Sage 50 offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for businesses seeking robust accounting and financial management solutions.

  • Sage 50 includes more than 150 reports, including specific reports for construction, manufacturing, distribution, and other industries. Get the information you need to make sound business decisions.

  • Access reports on payables, receivables, sales taxes, expenses, profits, inventories, payroll, and jobs with a single click.

  • Report groups are used to group and generate reports in batches.


  • Sage and Sontiq have teamed to provide Sage 50 clients with an industry-leading security suite targeted for small and medium-sized organizations. Sage Security Shield empowers organizations to take control of their business identity protection, financial wellness, and critical employee and business data.

  • It's the only product on the market that provides both award-winning cyber threat prevention and internal fraud security—and it's free with your Sage 50 subscription.

Security Shield

  • Integrate Microsoft 365 with Sage 50 to provide you with everything you need to manage your business. Access crucial Sage 50 information in Outlook and secure cloud backup with One Drive.

IMicrosoft 365

  • Payroll can be made easier with direct deposit, pre-printed checks, and simple payroll setup. Easily track data such as processed checks and taxes collected. Manage complex activities such as tip monitoring, vacation/sick time, and project time ticket pay.


What's New

Sage 50's new release focuses on Sage HR Integration.  Sage HR is a cloud-based human resources management solution that assists you in tracking, managing, and engaging your staff while also streamlining HR operations by eliminating administrative tasks.

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