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Day 5 - 11 Days of Windows 11

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Although the look and feel of the new Windows 11 taskbar has some cool user interface interactions, I can't help but feel Microsoft may have missed the mark. That being said, I do concede that there are several modifications and features worth noting.

The first five icons on the taskbar are included by default and are grouped differently than other items that appear there. They consist of the Windows logo key, search icon, multiple desktop’s view, widgets and Microsoft Chat icon. (Read more about Chat here) You can customize those default however and select which ones will appear.

The system tray (bottom-right corner) is also improving. In this new version, Windows is grouping the icons logically. For example, the time and date and the Focus assist icon are a group. When you click it, it opens the new "Notification Center" that includes a full-month calendar and all your notifications.

I've found many whitepapers and videos talking about all the changes and how to make the interface better for you so I won't add more to them. Do your research and see if moving forward now is something you need to do. My guest is, you can wait a year!

Here's one video I found that was short and informative.


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