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Since the Cloud isn't People Proof...

Here are two facts about cloud services and protection in the cloud, whether its an application or data.

Fact#1: While cloud-based applications, like Google Apps and Office 365, are very secure environments, they cannot protect your data from the #1 cause of loss and corruption: your employees. Fact #2: Here's a lesser known fact; data stored in cloud-based applications, like Office 365 and Google Apps, is just as vulnerable to deletion and corruption as data stored on premises. So, why aren't you backing it up? User error is the number one cause of data loss. Cloud vendors keep deleted data for limited retention periods (weeks). Some cloud vendors charge additional fees for data recovery. Every day, data is lost or corrupted in the cloud due to:

  • Accidental and Malicious deletion

  • Data Overwriting/Sync Errors

  • Successful Phishing Scams

  • And more!

Need help convincing others about SaaS Protection? Check out this educational eBook, Making the Case for Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, and keep your critical business data people proof.

Want to ensure total data protection for your business? Contact us today.

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